“An experience like no other”

Host – Creator – Streamer

WE are truly “ An experience like no other “. He is the One and only “Vintendo, A.k.a No Neck , Big head ,Vinny no nuts , that one guy who does the voice for Postal”(lol not really but you will get it ) . Vintendo is the man behind the magic . With a 20+ year background in sound and audio engineering as well as music production ,he is a man of many talents and always looking to level up. You never really know what your going to get when you tune in to The Manchild Show on Twitch , But you can always count on next level production value and those golden vocal cords . There really isn’t anything the man can’t do , except a cartwheel .

His Goomot!

She is Goomy (not like the pokemon) “ Aka the Texorsist , hater of the cabbage patch kids song and Lover of all things Vintendo (and piggy of course ) and self-proclaimed professional roast master . Pretty much the polar opposite of Vintendo , Doesn’t tech well (refer to 2nd nick name ) , no musical talent, but will still sing her ass off. Total twitch newb. To Vintendo she is the Weird to his Science , the Allie to his Noah . Best friends for 18+ years & in Love Est. 2015.

One Man – One Show

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